Pass the Salt

06 Nov 2014

Pass the SALT

 A few weeks ago I was listening to a study by Tim Keller and he shared a concept of prayer that I had never heard but that really blessed me and I want to share with you.

What he said is that it is typical of Christians to put prayer as a priority.  In other words we begin the day with prayer then we read the word and then live life in a way that glorifies God. Prayer is one of the most important things we do, but that's not what the Bible says.  The Bible says to pray always and not only "before we began our day".  An example is SALT.

SALT is important but it’s not first.  If you consume a mouth full of SALT first, and then your food, it will not taste good. In the same way, prayer is not something that comes before everything else, but it goes in the middle of everything else. When reading the Bible we are reading in prayer, at work we are working with prayer and if we are preaching with prayer.

The SALT is distributed throughout all of the food so that everything tastes good.  In the same way, prayer is distributed in all we do to give purpose to everything we do

 I like what Spurgeon says:

"If you don’t have breath you know the body is dead.  In the same way we know that without prayer the soul is dead"

Prayer is not first on the list of priorities but saturates and fills every aspect and every element of our lives.

Spice up your life.

(This Wednesday November 5th is our monthly prayer meeting and you're invited, also be preparing for December 1-5, which will be the week of Prayer and Fasting)


Jonathan Domingo

Horizonte Ministries November Update


What is Horizonte Ministries?

We know that most of the people that receive this prayer letter are well acquainted with what we are doing in Mexico, but we wanted to make a video that really put faces to the names. Please select the link below and as you watch this video be encouraged to know that this is part of what God is doing through your prayers and support! 

Bible College construction update

We are building the bible college in two phases: Phase one will house up to 100 people, and phase two will house up to 800 people. We are now building the final dorm in phase one which will increase our capacity up to 100 people living on campus! We are so excited to see all the people that are being trained through the Bible College! 


Music by Evelyn 

As we look to communicate more with friends and supporters we want to give you a bit of a snapshot into who we are. My wife is one of the worship leaders for our church and she recently recorded an acoustic session. I know it’s in Spanish but I am sure you will be blessed as you listen!

 Traveling and Speaking Engagements

Thank you so much for your prayers! God is opening doors for me to speak at various churches!  I’ve had the privilege to speak at Horizon North County, at the Calvary Church Planting Conference, and at one of the Regional pastor’s conferences in Mexico in which Pastor Mike Macintosh attended and spoke as well. At our first pastors conference we had 12 churches and 30 people attended.  God has blessed the movement so much that we now have 100 churches and therefore need to have 6 regional conferences! Please pray as this includes a pretty busy traveling schedule!

Thank you so much for taking the time to pray and be involved!

God bless!





We all know that "Halloween" has dark roots, and just seeing that it is celebrated with skulls, witches, mummies, and vampires tells us it is a celebration of darkness.  The question then arises: Is it wrong to get involved in the festivities of Halloween or the Day of the Dead? I want to present a different way of looking at Halloween:  We may reject it, receive it or redeem it.

Rejecting it

 This is an option that you can consider.  There are many Christians who say "Halloween is from the devil and I want nothing to do with it.”  This is a valid position. The Bible says,”what fellowship can light have with darkness?”  (2 Corinthians 6:14)  The answer is, none.  

Receiving it

There are Christians who receive Halloween with no problem, their sons dress up as the "chupacabras" and their daughters as "lucifer," and their mentality is that there is nothing wrong with it. I do not think this is right and I definitely don’t think that we should receive it in this manner.

The third option is where I want to focus.  As Christians, the option exists to not reject it or receive it, but to redeem it.

Redeem it

This means that there have to be some changes; in other words, we cannot accept it in the same manner as the culture does. We should not rejoice in darkness nor should we love death, but I think we can redeem Halloween and use it for the glory of God. Many of the holidays we have (Christmas and Easter) have pagan roots but they have been redeemed and now we celebrate Christ in those days.

How can we redeem it?

Celebrating the fact that God saved us from death, hell, and the His wrath. If we are going to wear costumes, we can do it in a way that celebrates the light of Christ (for children this can be angels and biblical characters, including superheroes and princesses. These things do not exalt the darkness.)

We can practice generosity. You can tell the kids that come to your neighborhoods that Jesus loves them and give them lots of candy. The worst thing you can do is tell kids “You look ugly dressed up as Dracula!” or “I'm not giving you anything because I am a Christian!”  Better to tell them that Jesus has already saved them from darkness and be generous. It is also a good opportunity to have alternative Halloween events where kids can dress up, play games, and get candy without having to be part of something as negative as Halloween.

My concern is that those who reject Halloween judge those who are trying to redeem it, saying " Oh what pagans!" and those redeeming Halloween belittle those who reject it by, saying "Oh how legalistic!"

Let’s be clear, Halloween itself celebrates death, but this 31 of October let’s celebrate the life that there is in Christ.  If you want to celebrate it in your room praying alone and reading the Bible, do it, and if you want to celebrate it by dressing up and eating sweets for the glory of God, go ahead.

Jonathan Domingo