14 Oct 2014

C h r i s t i a n s are very weird.

We have a double standard. When there is an earthquake in Haiti, we say: "It was divine judgment for all your witchcraft" and when a church burns we say "We have to resist Satanic attack."

When the Twin Towers were attacked, people said, "That’s what happens to America for taking God out of the schools," but when a Christian loses his health, we began to rebuke the enemy's work. 

We assume that if something bad happens to someone good, it’s a Satanic attack and if something bad happens to someone bad, they are getting what they deserve.

Do not forget that we all deserve the bad, and if at any point in time something good happens, it is solely a work of grace and not something that we have produced or deserve.

How about when things happen and affect not only one nation or continent, but the whole world? Things like AIDS, Ebola, or the H1N1 virus? Is this the way that God is "judging the world?"  Or is this something that God doesn’t want to happen and is actually a Satanic work?

There are two extremes and the goal is to find a biblical balance. One extreme is that God is sovereign, everything that happens is what God WANTS to happen. The other extreme says that God has nothing to do with the bad things that happen and it is from the devil.

What is the Biblical view? God is Sovereign.

This is another way of expressing what the Bible says from cover to cover:  God is almighty and there is no power that can oppose him. He has dominion over absolutely everything. This does not mean that everything that happens is what God wants, but it does mean that whatever happens, He has allowed it.

Satan gives accounts to God.

If God is almighty, that means that Satan is not an autonomous entity. Satan has to submit to the power of God. Therefore, before Satan could take Job’s health, he needed God’s permission. Jesus said that hell was prepared for Satan and his angels and it says in Revelation that they will be tormented in the presence of the Lamb. This means that Jesus has authority over Satan in hell, and in a few words, in everything. There is nothing that operates outside the power of God. 

God created a perfect world.

We see that the Bible does not attribute evil to God, but it is human sin that has produced futility in the world, and Satan who is reigning in the air. What seems to be is that although God is sovereign, He has given man space to spoil the world so that He can be the redeeming hero.

God will perfect the world

God has allowed Ebola, but the reality is we as humans and Satan as the prince of the air, are responsible for any negative element in the world. God's desire is to renew the world. The end of the world is not its destruction, it will be renewed and purified by fire and the results will be a perfect world without sin, injustice, or evil.

The reality is that everything bad that happens is the result of the sins we have produced, but God works supernaturally on behalf of our bad choices to produce something that brings Him glory.


08 Oct 2014

As many know, Odile, a category three hurricane impacted Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, a couple weeks ago leaving many homeless, so we felt led by God to open our accounts to anyone who wanted to make a donation.  Thanks to your support we were able to help two churches and through them they were able to help those in need. 

We appreciate your support. 

God bless.


Is it bad to desire an iPhone 6?

Recently, Apple made an announcement that had been anticipated by many “the IPhone 6". It was obvious that many people would be thrilled as usual, but what Apple didn’t imagine is that within 24 hours 4 million people would place their orders months before it went on sale. What is it that leads the human heart to want this technology?

I don’t know about you, but I'm a big fan of technology and I confess, I'm a big fan of Mac and Apple. When I saw the announcement of the Apple Watch my heart started to say "Let's see how we can get one." That led me to think that the Bible clearly speaks about greed; wanting what you don’t have, speaking about vanity; loving your looks, and it also talks about managing money.  My question is: Can a person want an iPhone 6 and not fall into any of these traps?


Greed is when you're not satisfied with what you have. You see the features and objects that other people have around you and you feel bad because you do not have them. One area where greed is more noticeable is technology.  Now there is nothing wrong with wanting a smartphone, and less if you think of a good resource that can be to hear sermons, study the Bible or interact with your friends.  The problem is when the desire is for more than just that.  It’s when you are dissatisfied with what you have at the moment and feel that only having this technology will make you complete; that is idolatry that is greed, that is sin. Many commit this sin when we see the "technology."


Vanity is loving your looks.  It is to visualize yourself at a Starbucks, drinking your venti Iced Macchiato with your iPhone 6 in your hand taking a super slow motion video of yourself biting into your sandwich and thinking, "I look awesome.”  Vanity is loving the appearance of success, money, and prosperity. This goes against what we see in the Bible that even those who have much the Bible calls to live in a simple way and condemns those who try to show off their appearance with superficial things. I'm not saying that having a nice phone is sin or having a pre-owned car is sin, or wanting to have something awesome is sin, its sin when your appearance is an unnecessary luxury.

Managing your money (or) being good stewards

Finally, what about buying a new iPhone if you earn little or if you earn a lot of money, The Bible speaks about managing your income, and it is misuse of money to get into debt, paying money that you don’t have for something that you don’t need.  But even if you have money the question is: Do you need it? Because that's the question I'm asking myself, and I have an iPhone. Do I really need a phone that only has a few more features and is a little faster? No. God has called me to manage money well.

Now having said that, it is possible to be totally satisfied with what you have and not be obsessed with your image and be a good steward, and still buy an iPhone 6.  What I’m getting at is this, you have to ask yourself these questions beforehand, because what we do with our money communicates what our hearts believes.


Jonathan Domingo