Chris Martinez is a pastor and missionary who has been working in Tijuana for about 20 years. He started a church in a colony called Pedregales and more recently began another in Zona Rio (Near the border crossing). In the past we have invited him to various mens events for two reasons;

the first, he is an excellent teacher of the word, he has a natural ability to teach the Bible, not like a classroom, but as a friend you are talking with regarding something he's passionate about.

And second, I think we as men pay little attention to the outward appearance but it is not so, it is normal for a man to compare himself to another man and in terms of size, strength, or something of that nature. Chris Martinez is physically imposing, and that helps us as men to realize that Christianity is not something for those who are not very masculine, but even the most masculine man needs to humble himself and follow Jesus Christ.
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