The Great Omission

The Great Omission  


Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations, and Paul said that some preach and others send.


This is known as The Great Commission; sending or being sent. Actually, John Piper rightly says that there’s only three options for the Christian regarding missions: GO, SEND OR DISOBEY.

Every person must be a missionary, support missionaries or be in disobedience. That means that the majority of people are not following The Great Commission, The Great Commission has turned into The Great Omission.



Mexico, for hundreds of years, has received thousands, if not tens of thousands of American and European missionaries. A lot of them has suffered persecution, sickness, loneliness, lacking, or discouragement with the simple objective that Mexico can know a Jesus. And it has worked, in Mexico today, there’s millions of Christians. We thank God for them, but we can’t just thank God for the sacrifice of thousands of missionaries, we must also follow their example.


There are various opportunities for Hispanics in missions.

1.   Church Planting

One of the ways that we can contribute to missions is by planting churches. Whether you personally start a church or you become part of a group that goes out to plant a church.

With the growth of Christianity in Latin America every city needs more churches. Acts is filled with church planting. Because the result of biblical missions is to start biblical churches.


2. Indigenous Communities

There are people in our country that have never heard the Gospel, let alone in their native language. One of the opportunities that we have is to leave our urban culture and take on a native culture and learn their language with the focus to reach out to that community.


3. Transcultural Missions

This is something I think Mexico needs to take to heart. A lot of Americans can’t go to places like the Middle East, but a Hispanic could go without a problem. A lot of Americans would not survive at an Indian garbage dump, because they are not used to it but some Mexicans have stomachs of steel. But the problem isn’t that there aren’t many who are willing to go, but rather there aren’t many that are willing to send.



Sending means to support financially and spiritually those people who have decided to dedicate their life to the preaching of the Gospel. There are a few ways you can send missionaries.

1.    Meeting missionaries and support them personally.

2.    Tithing in churches that are supporting missionaries and have a budget support.

3.    Meeting agencies and missions ministries and support them. 


Missions Month

In Horizonte on the month of February we are having missions’ month to learn how we can apply these truths in our church more. Every Wednesday of February at 7pm we will have a special preaching by a missionary. If you are from Ensenada this is an excellent opportunity for God to challenge your heart. And if you’re from far away we will be uploading our videos on our YouTube channel.


Jonathan Domingo 


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