Horizonte Ministries November Update


What is Horizonte Ministries?

We know that most of the people that receive this prayer letter are well acquainted with what we are doing in Mexico, but we wanted to make a video that really put faces to the names. Please select the link below and as you watch this video be encouraged to know that this is part of what God is doing through your prayers and support! 

Bible College construction update

We are building the bible college in two phases: Phase one will house up to 100 people, and phase two will house up to 800 people. We are now building the final dorm in phase one which will increase our capacity up to 100 people living on campus! We are so excited to see all the people that are being trained through the Bible College! 


Music by Evelyn 

As we look to communicate more with friends and supporters we want to give you a bit of a snapshot into who we are. My wife is one of the worship leaders for our church and she recently recorded an acoustic session. I know it’s in Spanish but I am sure you will be blessed as you listen!

 Traveling and Speaking Engagements

Thank you so much for your prayers! God is opening doors for me to speak at various churches!  I’ve had the privilege to speak at Horizon North County, at the Calvary Church Planting Conference, and at one of the Regional pastor’s conferences in Mexico in which Pastor Mike Macintosh attended and spoke as well. At our first pastors conference we had 12 churches and 30 people attended.  God has blessed the movement so much that we now have 100 churches and therefore need to have 6 regional conferences! Please pray as this includes a pretty busy traveling schedule!

Thank you so much for taking the time to pray and be involved!

God bless!



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