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Of all the conference speakers the one I obviously know best is Juan Domingo. My father is a total distinct person from anyone I have met in my whole life. There is an endless amount of things I can say about him but let’s talk about that which pertains to the men's conference. My father taught me the significance of being a man. There are tons of people my age that battle with the definition of being a man because their fathers were mean or worst than that, were absent. This leaves an emptiness that only God can fill.

The subject that my dad will speak about is being a strong man and at the same time compassionate. Many men are just strong. His masculinity is defined by his job, athleticism, bank account, physical strength, or things like that. There is no investment made in the well being of his family. He doesn't long to invest in the welfare of the family, because they don't care whether their life is full if they are feeling macho. The counterpart and most common in churches is that there are men who are weak, who believe that simply having a positive attitude, a smile, and be liked is all that is needed. But they do not work hard, nor do they strive to get their family ahead, and they are not responsible. What we need are strong yet compassionate men, men that work hard for their families but are tender with their families. I can't think of a better example of this than my dad; Juan Domingo. Forget the good pastor, forget the missionary, forget the pioneer, all that is important and valuable, but most importantly, he showed my family what it means to be a God-fearing man who works hard and who is compassionate with his family.

My dad's health has not been great, it has been almost two years since he had taught, and he has just recently started teaching again. His absence from the pulpit has made every time he stands up to teach a treasure in the form of words. I am honored that he has accepted the invitation and, I probably more than anyone else, look forward to hearing him preach this weekend.


Jonathan Domingo




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