If you are from Horizonte

I beg you to read this post and consider what it says. If I ask, what is the most important thing you can do? Why were you created? You were created to glorify God, the main purpose of your life is to join the plan of God for all creation and allow God to have all the honor.  This is done primarily by knowing Him through the word of God, repentance of sins, and fellowship with him.  This produces in your life, glorious and unspeakable joy. It does not end there because if it did end there we would have no reason to get out of bed.  We would just stay in the house and sleep, read the Bible, worship God and eat Cheetos for His glory.  On the contrary, when you know God, it causes you to want to share Him with others, in other words imitate what they've seen from Him. God is love, sharing Him with others means love.  God is generous, telling others about Him is giving. God is forgiving, telling others about Him is forgiveness.  But what we often forget is that this is first and primarily to the family of God, the church.

 John the Baptist

lived almost 100 years old and history tells us that when he wrote 1 John he was preaching in the church of Ephesus.  History also tells us that John was too old and weak to walk so people literally carried him and put him in front of the church while he preached. What was his message? Brothers love each other. This is what Jesus said, He said that the main way that we will be light in darkness is through the love we have for our fellow Christians.

 It's Impossible

to accomplish this great mission by going to church on Sundays and giving a few hugs, smile at a few friends and then say goodbye. Agape love, this love is literally a sacrificial love, we must give our lives for others. How do we do that if we do not know each other?  The answer is obvious! We have to get to know each other. But how do we get to know each other with a church of about 500 members?  It is really impossible, the result is that you have 500 acquaintances and so it’s superficial and none of them are deep relationships but when you develop a deep relationships some people will say it is favoritism. Therefore we need to move the church to a place where it is easier for us to get to know each other, love each other, and serve each other and that is in our homes.

The purpose

of a home group is that you can meet other people from Horizonte, love them, and see how to serve your neighborhood together. The purpose is not so much to be known, but to be part of a community of believers whose mission is to reach the colony in which they live. A home group is not so much a social club for the church, it's more like a campfire when all the coals are gathered together they produce a fire that illuminates the entire region.

When you are 

in a home group, it enables you the ability to be informed when something happens, the Bible says that when one member suffers all the members suffer with it. This is impossible if you only come on Sunday morning but when you go to a more intimate group, a home group, you hear that an old man broke his leg, you can decide as a group to help him, you hear that a single mother is without a job, as a group you can see how to serve her.

The Bible

never says go and fill buildings, it says go and make disciples, discipleship means you have someone who knows you and is helping you serve God and be useful for his kingdom.

 In Horizonte

There are about 20-25 members currently involved in groups at home, I would love to see 50 or 75 percent of the church meeting at home groups to love, know and serve others. Maybe it will take a long time to reach that goal but we believe God wants us to love one another and to be disciples.


"Horizonte, I beg you, look for ways to be in a home group so that we can join in the mission of Jesus to reach out to our city."




Jonathan Domingo

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