Before the event, Iron sharpens Iron, I want to do small biographies of different pastors so that you can know them a little better before the conference.

Today I want to present Hector Hermosillo (although I assume most people already know him). Hector is currently the Pastor of a church in Anaheim called Seed Eastside and he also leads club driver 700 bond. He is also the founder of Mustard Seed movement and has been a dear friend for many years.

The awesome thing about Hector is the faith that God has given him.  The Mustard Seed started in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, and after being there 7 years and already having two strong and well-established churches, God called him to Chicago to start a Hispanic church in Willow Creek. After being there seven years God called him to California to start a congregation again from scratch. What blesses me so much about Pastor Hector is that anyone could choose to stay on the safe side, but he decided to follow the steps of Paul and start churches and establish leaders in these churches so that he can go to other places to start more churches. And the results have been wonderful, God has raised up pastors such as Jaime Foote and Fermin IV by Hector taking steps of faith.

Hector will be sharing his testimony and leading worship on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning he will deliver a lecture entitled redefining masculinity. See you August 29th and 30th!


Jonathan Domingo





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